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Shadow our 'market beating' ISA portfolio

ISACO are a specialist in ISA and SIPP investment and together with our clients have an estimated £75 million actively invested1.

Our ‘Shadow Investment Service’ gives ISA and SIPP ‘DIY’ investors, the opportunity to look over our shoulder and buy the same funds that we personally own, effectively piggybacking on the expertise we have of delivering superior returns over the long-term.


  • Opportunity to ‘mirror’ our investment fund portfolio
  • 22-year market-beating performance2
  • Investment aims of 6%-8% per year
  • No fees for performance
  • No initial charges3
  • No upfront fees4
  • No switching fees
  • No exit fees
  • No ‘per hour’ charges
  • Tax-free growth5
  • ISACO Director as your dedicated contact
  • Timesaving
  • Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Get in touch

If you have over £250,000 actively invested, click here to arrange a free financial review (valued at £495) with Paul Sutherland, ISACO’s Managing Director.

1 Internal estimation taken January 1st 2015 of total ISA and pension assets owned by the ISACO Investment Team and ISACO premium clients.
2 January 1st 1998 - December 31st 2019. ISACO annualised return of 5.2% compared to FTSE 100's 1.7% over 22-year period beating our benchmark on average by 3.5% per year.
3 Initial charges on investment funds.
4 For portfolios of £250,000 and above.
5 Using ISA and SIPP wrappers.