How we invest

Aiming to deliver superior performance

We have an active investment strategy which aims to control risk and deliver superior performance. The investment team invest in a number of actively managed funds to form a complete investment portfolio.

The team, led by Stephen Sutherland, select what they believe to be the best funds in each asset class, monitor all the investments selected, replacing under-performers and continuously rebalance the portfolios with the aim of maximising growth potential and managing risk.

Fund allocations can be adjusted quickly to adapt to changing economic conditions or to capitalise on opportunities as they arise.

Identifying the world’s best fund managers

The investment process involves identifying the world’s best managers and combining them effectively to achieve diversification and reduce our exposure to risk – this strategy ensures our return is not dependent upon any one manager’s performance.

We have resources that allow us to identify who we believe to be the world’s most skilled investment managers, wherever they are in the world. Through structured research and highly informed decision-making, our investment team can focus on taking bold, active decisions that they believe will positively contribute to superior performance.

Creating optimum diversification

Our team use a range of tools to fully understand the funds selected and use that deep understanding to build portfolios that seek to create the most compelling blend of different managers. Our strategy and the underlying fund managers are then monitored and reviewed.

Whenever we change our view on a fund, or identify a better opportunity, we take swift, decisive action. In selecting the top experts in a market, country or sector, our Shadow Investment solution creates optimum diversification and improves risk management.