Over 100 positive reviews

We have over 100 reviews and you can see a large sample of them by clicking here. Here’s some that may be of interest:

"I have been a client of ISACO for several years and have been strengthened in confidence, not only by their professional skills but by their total honesty and integrity."

Bob Sweeney, Retired Business Owner

"The Daily Market Updates and The Big Picture are both superb. Stephen is a genius. I am so excited by this opportunity and can't wait to get started. Stephen and Paul are an inspiration to me and I know I have made the right decision in joining ISACO."

Simon Webb, Bridge Engineer

"Having taken the decision to consolidate all my legacy pensions into a SIPP, I remained frustrated that my IFA sat firmly on the fence in terms of recommending funds despite being aware of my risk profile. Discovering ISACO was a breath of fresh air – an organisation that believed so much in their own expertise that they actually put their money where their mouth is.

In many ways it looked too good to be true. However, after long discussions with Paul & Stephen, two straight talking astute & knowledgeable northern guys, I took the plunge and invested 100% of my significant SIPP in a way that modelled ISACO's investment profile. Thank goodness I did, 6 months later the fund is up 8%, my financial investment stress levels are down 100% and I have made 2 new friends who I can trust to use their considerable expertise to manage their investments and as my SIPP is aligned I benefit.

This service is unconventional and the decision to sign up was not easy, but 'fortune follows the brave ' and hopefully my faith in following simple logic, that an expert with skin in the game will deliver outstanding performance over the long-term will continue to be borne out."

Richard Hetherington, Director RJH Business Services


"When it comes to investment, it is hard to tell who is good - but I have been very impressed with Stephen and his record and the logic of his approach."

Richard Koch, Sunday Times Rich List Member and bestselling author of The 80/20 Principle

"Most people who write market reports just touch on what most of us already know, and certainly none of it has any really logical thinking, unlike your comments."

Lee Clarke, author of The Trusted Financial Adviser


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