Stephen Sutherland

Stephen, one of ISACO’s co-founders and head of our investment team has been successfully investing in the stock market since 1997. Stephen has passed the IFS level 3 adviser examinations prescribed by the IFS School of Finance.

Stephen is ISACO's lead investor and Chief Investment Strategist and the bestselling author of Liquid Millionaire and How to Make Money in ISAs and SIPPs.

Stephen has commented on business television and radio, and in personal finance newspapers, magazines and other market commentator mediums.

Stephen aims is to buy 'best of breed' funds that exhibit superior sustainable growth potential and hold them for as long as they demonstrate outperformance. His investment style is to seek out only those funds that have the greatest potential for swift price rises from the moment they are purchased.

Stephen’s investment philosophy focuses on trend following and active investing and his main influences are stock market legends William O’Neil, Jesse Livermore and Gerald Loeb.


“Teaming up with ISACO Alpha is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Their active and dynamic in-house fund research service and assisted fund selection means that I don’t have to outsource my clients to higher cost Multi-Mangers or DFMs. Not only do I keep close and tight management control of my clients, I also have the opportunity to spend much more time with them and their financial planning needs. The performance of the investments that Stephen has selected, as evidenced by past performance figures, have been very attractive and exceeded my clients’ expectations and mine; we’re all very satisfied and happy indeed.” - Neil Sutherland Independent Financial Adviser – Director, Sutherland IFA Limited

“I found this book incredibly easy to read and understand. Sutherland spends time on the concepts that matter. For anyone looking to take a more active role in their investing, How to Make Money in ISAs and SIPPs is a great resource . . . and an easy read. It walks you through the benefits of the UK's two tax-efficient accounts before revealing some actionable strategies you can use to unlock the power of the market.“ - Jill Ralph, Managing Director, The Motley Fool UK

"Famously, he picked out two Latin American funds from Invesco Perpetual and Scottish Widows at the start of Latin America’s raging bull market of 2003-07, when stocks across the region quadrupled in value." - Ceri Jones, Money Observer

“When it comes to investment, it is hard to tell who is good – but I have been very impressed with Stephen and his record and the logic of his approach. I greatly enjoy and appreciate Stephen's daily and monthly market updates. They are very well done and have taught me quite a lot. And broadly he has been right so far!" - Richard Koch, bestselling author of The 80/20 Principle and member of The Sunday Times Rich List

"At a professional level, I receive a great deal of material from various economists and fund managers as no doubt you do. I don't know anyone who studies and "reads" the NASDAQ as thoroughly as Stephen. Most people who write market reports just touch on what most of us already know, and certainly none of it has any really logical thinking, unlike Stephen's comments, which are a combination of extensive, long-term detailed study and sensible joined-up thinking." - Lee Clarke, author of The Trusted Financial Adviser.

"Stephen called me and spent almost an hour discussing many aspects of investing (at no charge) as well as clearly explaining his view of the difference between the quite deep and prolonged healthy retracements compared to the behaviour of an unhealthy bear market. Personal care, advice and insight of this quality is invaluable to me as an investor, particularly in these volatile markets." - Brad Gibbs, ISACO Client and Project Control Consultant

"Hi Stephen, thank you very much for calling me back today following the email I sent to you regarding the present funds we are invested in. It was really nice for you to spare the time to contact me as I am sure you are a very busy person. However the fact that you did phone me makes me think that you really care about your clients and want to help them reach the goals that they have set financially. You answered all my questions and I am happy to continue to follow your guidance as I have done the last few years. Thank you for all your help and I look forward to working with you for many years. Kindest regards, Mel Rosenthal, ISACO Client and retired dentist and property investor."

"Dear Stephen, I found the telephone call we had gave me tremendous value. I'm very grateful for this and I know you could have charged me. I am delighted to be a client with ISACO and would definitely recommend your service to others." - Matthew Dorrington, ISACO Client and Investor


"Liquid Millionaire" by Stephen Sutherland (2008).

How to Make Money in ISAs and SIPPs” by Stephen Sutherland (2014).


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