New service packages: ISACO Wealth Gold & Platinum

Posted by Paul Sutherland on Sat, Oct 06, 2012 @ 01:30 PM

ISACO Wealth Gold & PlatinumFor the first time ISACO Wealth, our unique personal investment service, is now available in two distinct service packages - our Gold and Platinum packages. This means that even more people can now join nearly 400 UK investors already benefiting from ISACO Wealth. 

To download your brochure that explains the two levels of service, please click here.

Two ways to mirror the fund trades of an investment expert

ISACO Wealth allows you to buy the same funds as a star-performing investor. You find out where he invests, keep full control of your account, enjoy a close relationship with a trusted expert, and benefit from the potential for attractive long-term returns.

  • Invest side by side with an expert fund picker and exceptional market reader
  • Successfully investing since 1997
  • Verified track record by CIMA qualified accountant
  • Expert has outperformed one of the strongest indexes in the world over the long-term*
  • During the last three years, the expert has annualised 17% versus the FTSE 100’s 7.9% (Dec 31st 2008 - Dec 31st 2011)

To learn more about our track record and performance, please click here to download your free copy of our brochure.

  • Bestselling author

  • Commentator on business television such as CNBC and radio, personal finance newspapers and magazines and other market commentator mediums
  • Expert has his own portfolio invested
 in the same funds
  • Expert has close to 400 influential HNW’s following him including a Sunday Times Rich List Member with a net worth of £87m, a Trustee of a £720m pension fund, the pioneer of health clubs in the UK, a hedge fund manager, two serial property investors, a company director of Johnson & Johnson and a Professor in physics at Oxford University

*Source: Yahoo Finance: Cumulative return (31st December 1997 – 31st December 2010) Stephen Sutherland 93.3%, Nasdaq Composite 68.9%, FTSE 100 14.6%. ISACO investment performance verified by Independent Executives Ltd

Discover where Stephen invests

ISACO Wealth's unique features

  • Suited to ISA and SIPP Investors with over £100,000 actively invested
  • The opportunity to mirror a star-performing fund investor and buy the same funds as he is buying for his own personal ISA and pension portfolios
  • You control your own account from a platform of your choice (for example Fidelity, Hargreaves Lansdown, Cofunds)
  • You can invest as much or as little as you like. You can start small and as you build trust and confidence in our abilities, you can add more to the amount you are using to ‘shadow’ the expert
  • Infrequent trading with typically only one or two trade switches per year
  • You invest in funds and not individual stocks

For more details about ISACO Wealth, please click here. Other unique features of the service include:

  • Personal service/relationship

  • Extremely responsive to questions and requests for help and guidance

  • Daily Market Updates – Daily guidance and interpretation of the market, news and world events

  • The Big Picture – Monthly lessons, insider insights and guidance

  • A fully comprehensive Service Manual

  • 24/7/365 days per year support

  • A risk free money back guarantee

  • FSA Regulated

  • Strong business foundation: ISACO have been in business since 2001 and is proud to be partnered with Fidelity, a global Investment powerhouse

ISACO Wealth service benefits

  • The potential for attractive returns

  • Market beating returns (aim of 12-15% per year over the long-term)
  • Helps you on your journey to financial security, independence and a comfortable stress free retirement
  • Discover a proven strategy that can create a tax free income for life and help remove the risk of running out of money in retirement
  • Makes picking good funds and managing your portfolio easier and faster
  • Removes the agony of having to choose what funds to own
  • Investing in funds and not individual stocks allows a wider diversification to your portfolio whilst at the same time helping to lower risk

For more information on the unique benefits of ISACO Wealth, please click here.

  • Having your very own fund picker and market reader saves you the time of doing it yourself, allowing you to focus on what you do best
  • A highly personalised long-term relationship. ISACO has purposely decided to service a small, select group of carefully hand-picked clients
  • Close friendship, a valuable resource and a trusted source of expertise that you can tap into when you need to
  • Our aim is to look after you, your children and your children’s children
  • Get your questions answered fast helping to quickly put your mind at ease. We provide needed reassurance especially in coping with difficult market conditions
  • Monthly lessons from a trusted expert
  • Empowerment: You start to think like a professional investor and inherit a stock market education that could be passed down to future generations
  • High upside potential, low risk due to money back guarantee
  • Consumer protection and peace of mind due to FSA regulation
  • Unbelievable value

ISACO Wealth Gold and Platinum

Take a look at the table below to get a feel for the differences in the two levels of service:

ISACO Wealth Gold & Platinum p6  

To discover which service package is right for you, please click here to download your free copy of our brochure.

Please note past performance should not be used as a guide to future performance, which is not guaranteed. Investing in Funds should be considered a long-term investment. The value of the investment can go down as well as up and there is no guarantee that you will get back the amount you originally invested.

Find out where an expert invests

Are you an ISA or SIPP investor with over £100,000 actively invested? Are you looking for better returns but are unsure which funds to invest in? ISACO Wealth allows you to buy the same funds as a star-performing investor. You find out where he invests, keep full control of your account, enjoy a close relationship with a trusted expert, and benefit from the potential for attractive long-term returns.  

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