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Posted by Stephen Sutherland on Thu, Oct 25, 2018 @ 03:46 PM

We think the bull market that started February 2016 is over. As most investors are aware, the behaviour of the global markets since October 4th have been brutal. Over that period, we’ve seen the NASDAQ Composite plunge 11.4% (Point A). Knowing what we now know, we believe that the correction on the NASDAQ Composite that begun late January and finished early June was what’s known as a late stage faulty base.


That means the rally that we saw occur from June 1st to August 30th (Point B) was a phony one.

TBP_Nov_18_Image 2

In other words, buying into it would have got you into hot water. When we made the decision to raise approximately 50% cash February 7th this year (Point C), our call on a ‘change of character’ now seems spot on.

TBP_Nov_18_Image 3

What threw us was the fact that the market from that point started to go up before it finally topped out August 30th.

From the time we raised cash to the present day, there has been multiple clues telling us to not get sucked into the rally and we are so proud that we didn’t. If we had, we now know it would have been a disaster. The good news is that right now fear is high and from a contrarian point of view, this is very good. What’s more, the market needed this harsh violent correction to help it reset. It’s also great that we are hedged against the harsh falls with a lovely cash buffer of 53.8%.

Our belief is that now is not the time to raise more cash even though we have probably not yet hit the ‘absolute’ bottom. From here then it’s a patience game of watch and wait. We are very excited about the future and what it holds because we know that the selling will eventually end and once all the sellers have been flushed out, we believe a brand new bull market will begin. That means there will be a multitude of attractive investment opportunities and so my friend, the future looks bright.


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2 January 1st 1998 - December 31st 2017 ISACO 183.4%, FTSE 100 49.3%.